The first original humans, Homo sapiens, were Black Africans, and they evolved around a quarter of a million years ago in North East Africa from Homo erectus. These original humans were little different to the Black African, nomadic racial tribes that inhabit the North East Africa region today. The environment there has not changed at all since that time, and thus neither have they. A tribe of these Black Africans migrated out of North East Africa around one hundred and thirty thousand years ago. This origin and migration theory is often referred to as the Out of Africa Theory.

They migrated to the North of Europe, Scandinavia, West of the mountain ranges running through present-day Norway. They settled there, living by the coast. After approximately eighty-five thousand years of total isolation in Scandinavia, the original Black African tribe evolved into the Nordic race, a racial breed with blonde hair, big blue eyes, white skin, towering height and a large cranial capacity of approximately sixteen hundred cubic centimeters. All uniform in appearance, all the same, homogeneous. Interbreeding had occurred because of isolation and time.

There was a much warmer period during the last ice age that started around one hundred and thirty thousand years ago. This was the time when the first Black Africans migrated to the North of Europe, Scandinavia. This inter-glacial period lasted around eighty-five thousand years.

The Nordic race that had evolved after approximately eighty-five thousand years left Scandinavia before the ice age became too inhospitable through extreme cold. Cro-Magnon skeletal remains throughout Eurasia that have been dated to forty-five thousand years ago prove this. The inter-glacial period had come to an end.

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The unique Nordic racial group could have only evolved in Scandinavia. The lack of light throughout the year and icy conditions are the only environmental factors that can explain the evolution of blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, large cranial capacity, etc. There is simply nowhere else where these physical and mental traits could have developed; as they are so different in physical appearance to the other races of man, the environment must also have been so very different. Yes, the encapsulating mountain ranges running through present-day Norway stand out clearly as their place of origin.

The Earth’s water levels were substantially lower one hundred and thirty to forty-five thousand years ago by four to six meters, so the habitat where the Nordic race evolved is now well below the sea. The physical evidence of them originating from there has been totally destroyed by the swelling sea level and all-consuming ice age.

Forty-five thousand years ago there was a Nordic race and also four other distinct, dark-featured human races: African, Indian, Far East Asian and Australian Aboriginal.

Forty-five thousand years ago the Nordic tribes spread down into Europe, occupying many different parts of it in separate tribal groupings. Tribes broke off and then spread into Asia.

In the Middle East area, a Nordic race tribe came across an Indian race tribe that had left their evolutionary area of India. These two distinctly different racial tribes mixed together and a new breed of man was formed, whom we know today as Arabic. The Arabic population expanded in the Middle East and then tribes of them migrated west into the North of Africa. From North Africa they moved further north, up into Spain, Italy and Greece. There, they came across the original Nordic racial tribes with their blonde hair and blue eyes. The Arabic tribes mixed with the Nordic tribes in Southern Europe, which formed the basis of whom we know today as the Spanish, the Italians and the Greeks.

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The same thing happened in Far East Asia. The Nordic Race mixed with the dark-featured Far East Asian race, and this produced what we know today as Chinese or Japanese ethnic types. These new mixed ethnic tribes moved west, mixing with Nordic tribes in Eurasia, which in turn formed the basis of whom we know today as the Slavic people.
Yes, Europeans are mostly of the Nordic race, but are also part Indian race and part Far East Asian race to varying degrees. People in the South of Europe are generally more Indian racially than those from the North of Europe, whilst people from the East of Europe are generally more Far East Asian racially than those from the West of Europe.

Generally, there has been little mixing between the Nordic racial tribes and the Black African or Australian Aboriginal racial tribes.

Nordicist’s should no longer discourage racial intermixing as they have done in the past. They should instead do the opposite and encourage people to mix together. If that is what people want to do, then let them do it.

However, along with this intermixing must come education about the past human races. Why not let people decide for themselves if they want to use Nordic eggs and sperm donors when trying for a child. An educated selfless future parent will always make the correct decision.

Racism is all about hatred which is for stupid people. Do not be a part of the White Nationalist hate movement that is going on, do not take the swastika as your symbol. There is no honor in the Nazi swastika. Be a Nordicist. like me.

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Anyone of any creed or colour can be a Nordicist. It is essentially about doing what is best for your future children.

If you have already had children, then educate them about the past human races and let them decide for themselves what kind of children they want to bring into the world.

To intermix, to educate, to integrate.

A common goal for all mankind, our children.

This information needs to be discussed openly and televised, as it should be in any freedom-loving democracy.

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