Basketball Bet Types for Beginner Bettors

Which Basketball Betting Types are Most Common?

Basketball is a very easy sport to bet on and the basketball betting types are very easy to understand. If you know how to bet on football (American football), then you know how to bet on basketball because bot sports include almost the same betting types such as over/under, total, moneyline, point spread etc.

Here you can read about the most common basketball betting types and one of them is the point spread bet. Bettors that make their wagers at online sportsbooks love this bet. It’s the most popular handicap bet. It’s offered so that both teams are made euqal although one of the teams is the favorite and one is the underdog. By the look at the point spread, you can see which team is actually the favorite. Since sportsbooks expect for the underdog to lose, they give a head start to the underdog by assigning him more points. So, what the favorite needs to do is win by that much points.

Let’s see this though an example. If the Raptors are playing against the Hawks, and most bettors would be on the Raptors to win the game, the sportsbook will give the Raptors a point spread of 10 for example. This means that if the Raptors win, they need to win by 11 points or more. If the win is with a smaller point difference, your bet on the Raptors will be lost. The same principle is applied to bets on the Hawks, only in reverse. If your bet on the Hawks, they have to lose by 9 points or less so that your bet can be successful. If the game ends with a 10 point difference, all bets are refunded back to the bettors. It’s that simple.

The second most popular bet of all the basketball betting types is the totals bet. This bet is also known as over/under. It’s another very simple bet like the point spread, only that here you bet on the total points that both teams will score. For example, the sportsbook gives you a prediction of how much points will be scored in total by both teams. What you need to do is bet whether the total points scored will be over or under that prediction. If the prediction is 175, you have to bet whether its going to be at least 176 or at most 174.

The third most popular bet of all the basketball betting types is the moneyline bet. With this simple bet you just have to guess the winner of the game just like with the point spread, only without the handicap given in the point spread. This bet is much older than the point spread, which was introduced by sportsbooks because of a very strange reason: people were making only moneyline bets!? When the point spread was introduced, people started dropping the moneyline bet and the point spread became their favorite bet of all the basketball betting types.

Parlays and teasers are also very popular. Experienced bettors use these basketball betting types mostly and are also called exotic bets. It’s because it includes the prediction of multiple winners on the same bet slip, and even if you miss one prediction on that bet slip, the entire slip is lost. Teasers are used when bettors want to adjust the point spread in their favor, while parleys are used for point spread bets or moneyline bets for more than one game. As mentioned, the catch with these basketball betting typesi s that you must successfuly predict all bets made on the bet slip.

Other bets available that experienced bettors love are permutation bets, reverse and if bets, specials and proposition bets, outrights and futures etc. As a beginner you can stick to the point spread, totals and moneyline bet, and you can make your way slowly towards parlays and teasers when you start to accumulate experience.

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