The miniskirt was introduced in 1965 at the fashion show of French designer André Courreges. He felt that the design of women’s clothes was not keeping up with the modern trends of the 1950s and 1960s and wanted to introduce a look that was modern, streamlined, and easy. Today, we have hand picked the absolute hottest girls that love to show off some booty while rocking these miniskirts!

Talent was the way to success in the 1960s. To be fair, it still is today. But the talented back then really stood out.

For the first time ever in any fashion era, the young became the leaders of fashion. And almost 60 years later, that is still true. As the young are still defining trends in today’s culture.

Back then, the young led with new and innovative fashion styles. It was a noticeable movement. A movement that is still around today.

Nowadays we associate all 1960s fashion with short skirts. But in all actuality, the trend didn’t really catch on until the late 60s. It wasn’t really worn by many until 1966 and not nationwide until 1967.

Nonetheless, the short skirts arrived, they took over, and they are here to stay. And nobody should have a problem with that. Am I right?

Before the short skirt was invented, the skirts were still well below the knee. BELOW THE KNEE?! What kind of garbage skirt is that? Might as well be pants!

The 60s may be admired for many things and that time period should. But lets not say the fashion was so great before the mini skirt took over in the late 60s. So what were they wearing before the mini skirt?

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Well, in the early sixties, they wore pleated skirts. These were not very flattering skirts. And wait, there’s more…

There were Straight sweater dresses and pencil skirts too. What the hell are those? Well, we are glad they didn’t stick around too long.

Progress started to be made in the late 60s. And by 1966 Mary Quant was producing short waist mini dresses and skirts. These dresses and skirts were actually set 6 or 7 inches ABOVE the knee.

After production, she found girls in London that were daring enough to try her new short mini skirts. Quant was a marketing genius with or without fully knowing it. And then, the skirts took off!

The fashion trend took off because it was so different. And back then, and somehow still today, to wear something different was controversial. The youth were daring enough and the world started to notice.

But enough history about the skirts, just check em out on these ladies. Aren’t they gorgeous? And the dresses aren’t bad either!

Seriously, how could anyone not love a girl in a mini skirt? So damn sexy and seductive. Absolute dream girl status.

These girls can make anything look sexy. But these mini skirts are making these smokeshows even hotter! We love the mini skirt!

You can’t not love mini skirts. There’s not one girl here that would make you dislike them. So obviously mini skirts are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Mini skirts are more important to daily living then soda. Soda may make you happy. But mini skirts make you way more happier.

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Mini skirts show off the female figure in ways that other clothes simply can’t. If you like legs, you like mini skirts. If you like booty, you like mini skirts.

Human males are programmed to be attracted to “longer” legs. And when a girl is in a sexy mini skirt, her legs will appears longer. Sort of like an awesome sexy illusion.

An obvious reason as to why men like mini skirts is that they show off way more skin. And the more skin, the merrier. Wouldn’t you agree?

Some women do not wear mini skirts for men. That makes total sense. They too want to look their absolute best for themselves.

Basically every mini skirt is more pleasing to the eye than any pair of pants or just a regular dress. Mini skirts are very powerful. And they must be admired daily!

There’s simply no reason to hate mini skirts. And we happily gave you many reasons as to why you should love them. But wait, there’s more….

In the early 21st century micro-minis were once again revived. Now we have an even smaller version of the micro-mini sometimes described as a “belt-skirt. So what the hell will they think of next?



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